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EcoPod Walls Installed

EcoPod Walls Installed

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Grant is bringing us another factory update on the progress of the EcoPod. We have made a few EcoPod wall sections and we now have five of these sections installed on the first EcoPod prototype. These wall sections will go completely around the circumference of the circular EcoPod at a height of 800mm which is almost 32 inches.

This first wall marks the ledge where the windows will be installed. So where we have windows planned, the window frame will sit on top of these wall sections and reach almost to the ceiling. The parts that don’t have windows will simply have another wall section installed on top of this first row and will make a solid wall without a window.

The windows will be 1,600mm or about 63 inches so since everything is built with a base of 800mm, we can easily stack two additional 800mm wall sections to match the height of the 1,600mm windows. Above the top section of the walls and the windows, there will be a uniform piece of trim that will tie everything together and give us a clean connection with the roof section.

The ceilings of the EcoPod will be as tall as 3 meters or about 9.5 feet in some areas of the home which is even more than the 2.2 or 2.4-meter ceilings which is about 7 or 8 feet. It was important to take the feeling of being in a smaller home into consideration. For example, on a lot of boats, you can feel very cramped because space is so limited and ceilings are low. We didn’t want that same sensation in the EcoPod so we gave it tall ceilings and big, opening windows to make the home feel more spacious and comfortable.

The next step for the EcoPod is to assemble the roof. The roof is going to have a ring that goes around the top of the home like a donut and the large hole in the center will have a large disk that will have a slightly sloped cone shape to function as a funnel to collect rainwater to be used within the home.

We have to rearrange our projects in the factory so we are going to take this EcoPod prototype and do a trial run of mounting it to the floating TriPod base. After that, we will move the SeaPod outside and put the EcoPod inside the building so that we can keep making excellent progress and keep these projects moving forward!

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