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End Of Phase One Development

End Of Phase One Development

We are back at the factory for a very big day in the development of the SeaPod. We have spent nearly a year creating the molds that we will use to build the SeaPod and now that those molds are built, we no longer have a use for the plug that gave them their shape.

The plug was essentially the shape of the final product and that the molds are a negative of that. When we make the fiberglass sections using the molds, they will come out with the original shape of the plug.

This plug was quite thick and heavy so disposing of it takes some work. It was built with layers of fiberglass, a tooling gel coat, and filler material to give it some backbone. The crew has been cutting the plug into manageable pieces so that we can load them onto the truck to be hauled off.

We are using our crane to support the weight of the plug since we are cutting it and we don’t want it to collapse and injure someone. We still have a few more hours of deconstruction to do and after that, the plug will be gone and this corner of the factory will be empty again… but not for long.

It is somewhat of a bittersweet feeling seeing our plug that we worked so hard on being chopped up, but it served its purpose and we have the molds that we need from it. Now with our molds and the newly freed up space in the factory, we can begin producing the sections of the actual SeaPod shell.

We will keep a section of this plug and have everyone who worked on it over the last year sign their name on it as a keepsake. This is a big step towards reaching our goals because it means that we are ready to start kicking the production process into gear and we hope you are as excited about that as we are!

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