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Fibreglass. Behind the scenes workers.

Fibreglass. Behind the scenes workers.

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Fiberglass. Behind the scenes worker & their pride of unique fiberglass work

Fiberglass is a cornerstone of Ocean Builders’s SeaPod manufacturing as so many pieces are made with this material to give life to ocean living, the Ocean Builders way.There’s something profoundly satisfying about taking raw materials and crafting them into something extraordinary.

As we sit today with Frankie, Luis & Jonathan Leal, from the same family AND, part of Ocean Builders large family, this pride sentiment holds true as it takes on a special dimension when it comes to fiberglass work as innovative as the one they do for the SeaPods. The journey of bringing an idea to life using fiberglass is a laborious yet rewarding process that instills a deep sense of pride. It’s the satisfaction of watching your vision materialize into a tangible, functional piece, all from scratch. Specifically to what they do, they feel very proud to be working on something new that nobody has done before!

Fiberglass, a versatile composite material made of fine glass fibers embedded in resin, has earned its place in a wide range of industries, from aviation to automotive and boat building. It’s admired for its strength, lightweight nature, and resistance to corrosion. However, what truly sets fiberglass apart is the ability to shape it into virtually any form thanks to various applying techniques such as the fiberglass gun. This malleability and versatility form the core of what makes fiberglass work such an incredible experience.

The journey of creating something out of fiberglass begins with an idea, a vision that exists only in the mind of the creator. This vision is often accompanied by sketches, plans, and sometimes even clay models to help refine the concept. It’s the initial spark of creativity that sets everything in motion.

Once the plan is in place, the real magic begins at the hands of the Leal family! Fiberglass work is a craft that requires precision, attention to detail, and patience. The process typically starts with creating a mold, often from a combination of wood, foam, or even existing objects that serve as the foundation for the project. This step alone can be a meticulous endeavor, demanding a steady hand and a keen eye for symmetry.

One of the most rewarding moments is “when it’s finished”, when the fiberglass work is the demolding process. As the mold is carefully separated from the newly formed fiberglass structure, a sense of accomplishment washes over the craftsperson. It’s the moment when the abstract concept turns into a tangible reality. The sight of a piece that was once just an idea, now solid and complete, is truly awe-inspiring.

As you can witness when watching the guys talk about their work in the video, the pride of seeing a project through from inception to completion in fiberglass work is profound. It’s a testament to the power of creativity, skill, and determination. It’s about taking a raw material and shaping it into something that can inspire, serve a purpose, or simply bring joy.

In the world of fiberglass work, every piece is a masterpiece, and every creation tells a unique story of dedication and craftsmanship. When doing this for Ocean Builders, it’s a unique piece of art for something nobody else has done before.

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