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Finalizing Solar Panel (Area 1)

Finalizing Solar Panel (Area 1)

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In the runup to the global launch event, we decided to make some last-minute adjustments to the solar array which sits on one of the three outer spars of the floating TriPod base.

Our original design had the solar panels mounted much closer together so there wasn’t much room to walk on the spar. Since we brought people from around the world here to Panama for our launch event, we wanted to ensure that there was plenty of room to walk and check out the entire SeaPod.

The last-minute redesign we decided on was to mount the panels with a bit of a gap between them so that there would be more space to walk and check everything out. This allowed us to have plenty of room for several people to walk out across the rope bridge and see the solar panels up close and personal.

These panels will be used to power the Pod since it is not connected to a power grid. We currently have 16 square meters of solar panels which is not quite enough to fully power the home, but it’s a great start. In reality, we need about 32 square meters of solar panels to fully power the SeaPod in good conditions, that number rises when it is cloudy.

Since we can’t fit another 16 panels on the spar, we are addressing this as part of the redesign on the roof so that we can add the extra solar panels to the roof. The roof is currently just blank space so we have lots of room to add the additional solar panels to meet, and hopefully exceed the required amount of power that we will need to run the home.

As always, the crew was working incredibly hard during these final days before the launch event and we couldn’t have done it without them!

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