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Rope Bridge

Rope Bridge

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Grant is back at the factory with Craig who is working on the first rope bridge that we are making for the EcoPod. This bridge will go from the center dock on the floating tripod base to the solar array on the outer spar.

The bridge itself is about 21’ long and uses stainless steel cables and brackets to attach the 6”x6” composite pieces which will be the walking surface. The sides will have a rope that goes across like a railing and then will also have sections that go down to the main structure to join everything together.

Since this is a rope bridge, it will have a little bit of sag in the middle so it will end up having a slight U shape. This actually makes walking on the bridge more stable and allows for some give so that things can move around when needed.

This rope bridge will be ready for our global launch event in September and we will be able to test how this compares with a solid walking surface. We are all about having options and are always open to testing new things that may be beneficial in different circumstances.

In the case of the bridge to the solar array, it should have less usage than the walkways going to the Wazebo or the hot tub so this may be a way to save some money on a less-traveled walkway. It is good to have options and we will continue finding new ways to improve our designs.

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