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First use of new Telehandler

First use of new Telehandler

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We recently acquired a new(to us) telehandler here at the factory. A telehandler is a piece of equipment that is sort of like a forklift combined with a boom lift. It can lift several tons of weight and has wheels so that we can not only lift but also move heavy materials or equipment around.

This video is the first time that we used the new telehandler. You can see in the video that we used it to lift and then move one of the spars that will be mounted on the end of the outrigger on this TriPod base. Moving these pieces by hand would take many men and be particularly dangerous due to how large and heavy the piece is. The Telehandler is able to make short work of the steel and can pick it up with ease.

Here at Ocean Builders, we feel that it is important for everybody to train and learn new skills and abilities that they may otherwise not have learned. Of course, we want to train and teach our employees new skills that can make them more valuable to us as a company, but we also view it as a much bigger picture.

We love to make our team stronger and more well-rounded through training and learning new skills, but our goals are bigger than what we have here at Ocean Builders. We are giving people the skills to become more valuable employees and in turn to earn more money for themselves and their families. We are giving local workers the chance to learn and grow and even if they move on from Ocean Builders, they will take with them a new set of skills that they can use to help their community.

We are always trying to give back to the world ecologically and environmentally with things like our 3D printed coral or cleaning plastic from the ocean. We are very proud to be educating and training these local employees so that they can later contribute and give back to the world with the skills that were learned on the job.

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