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SeaPod Master Mold Update

SeaPod Master Mold Update

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Work has been continuing on the master molds for the body of the SeaPod. We have been applying the fiberglass to every other section of the mold to every other section as we go around. Right now, the white surface of the positive mold and the red tooling gel surface on alternating sections make the mold look like a peppermint candy.

During the next few days, we will remove the wooden ribs and finish up a bit of work on the current sections that we are working on before moving on to apply the tooling gel coat and fiberglass to the rest of the sections of the mold. This process should be completed this week so that we can start popping these sections off and barring any deformations, we will have our completed mold sections for the shell of the SeaPod.

These mold sections will allow us to begin production of the actual outer shell pieces of the SeaPod. These first sections will be used to build the first SeaPod which will eventually find itself mounted on the center spar of our first floating TriPod base here in Panama. While we still have plenty of work to do before we get to that point, our progress is moving along nicely and we are making forward progress every day.

Additionally, we have been documenting the process of creating these molds with a camera mounted above our work area. This camera has been periodically taking pictures which we will use to create a time-lapse video to show the process. The time-lapse video will show the step-by-step progress of creating the mold.

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