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SeaPod Production Update

SeaPod Production Update

We are back with another update from the Ocean Builders factory for some of the mold that we have been working on. We currently have two molds for the subfloor sections of the SeaPod. We have been refining these molds and now we are using them to produce a few more sections as a test to ensure that we are ready for full production.

These molds have been through quite a process to get to what we think is their final form. From a chipping tooling gel coat to a deformation, we have had our share of difficulties and learning moments. That being said, this has been a huge learning process and each bump in the road has been a chance to improve our process.

In the video below, you can see some of our crew adding fiberglass into the mold. They will apply resin and a few layers of fiberglass to the surface of the tooling gel coat that lines the inside of the mold. This is the working surface of the mold so it is very hard and durable to withstand repeated use.

Each SeaPod will require 26 of these pieces so we will eventually build more molds so that we can make more than two at a time, but we want to make sure that our process is perfect before scaling production.

After the resin is dry, then the fiberglass will have its full rigidity and strength so we will be able to remove the end caps from the mold and pop out our finished sections. We will use these pieces to see if we need to make any further refinements to the molds and if everything goes well, then we will have two functional molds and be ready to produce this part of the SeaPod.

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