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Hot Tub Manufacturing

Hot Tub Manufacturing

Grant is back with another update from the factory. This time he is showing us some of the progress on the hot tub that will be an option to add to one of the three side spars on the floating base.

The hot tub will sit on the top of the circular side spar, so naturally, the design will be a circle. The exterior of the hot tub will be a combination of teak wood and fiberglass. Around the entire thing will be a bench with cushions that will be perfect for lounging and relaxing while you enjoy the weather. There is also a wooden frame beneath everything to help support the weight of the people and the water.

The actual hot tub portion will be in the middle of the seat, so you will use the bench as a step to go up and into the tub. For now, we bought a pre-made hot tub to put into the center but down the road, we will likely have them custom-made so that they will perfectly fit the spot and have all of the features that we want them to have.

We still have some work to do on the hot tub mold, but things are coming along very nicely and we will hopefully be able to put it into production very soon. The hot tub will be a perfect accompaniment to the SeaPod Wazebo. We know you are going to love hanging out in and around the hot tub and we hope you get to try it out soon!

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