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Incinerator v2

Incinerator v2

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We are very passionate about the environment and building floating homes that are eco-restorative. One of the challenges of building a home at sea is figuring out what to do with the sewage. The easy thing would be just dumping it into the ocean, but that is absolutely not an option for us and we want to do things right.

Cue: the incinerator toilet. This toilet burns the poop and turns it into a small amount of non-toxic ash that can be safely disposed of. Omer has been working on this system for quite a while and he has the second version of the prototype assembled and ready to go.

It starts with a strainer where the contents of the toilet will pass. The liquid waste will pass through and go on to our water treatment system so that it can be used again. The solid waste will be held on the strainer until the poop scale sees enough weight. Once there is enough weight, the piston will push the poop into the burn chamber.

The chamber has another grid that will allow the heat from the jet burner to pass through and incinerate the poop. The ashes will then fall through this grid and into the ashtray where they can be collected and disposed of. The heat exchanger will capture the heat and use it to make hot water for the shower or even the hot tub.

Everything is contained in this small system and the entire process happens automatically. This is an eco-friendly solution to the never-ending problem of having a toilet at sea. The best part about it all is that the toilet user experience will be no different than a normal toilet on land so everything will be convenient and comfortable!

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