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Installing the Patio Doors

Installing the Patio Doors

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Now that the sliding windows are installed, it’s time to get the flat patio windows installed on the EcoPod prototype. These windows will be the door that goes between the kitchen area and the back patio and they will slide open to create a large open-air room.

This is the first time that we have tried to fit the windows in place so it can take some time to make the proper adjustments to get everything to fit properly. After a little bit of adversity between some things not lining up properly and a box of missing hardware, the guys came together and got this first pane installed.

These windows will open and then stack when you move them all to the side in sort of an accordion shape. Having the windows completely out of the way will open the space up and provide plenty of room to entertain guests, have a meal on the patio, or simply enjoy the fresh breeze coming through your home.

The entire process of designing and building these windows was difficult and we had to overcome several hurdles, but we persevered and now the result is an EcoPod with a set of stunning windows and tons of open-air space. The guys are working on getting these windows installed before we move this Pod to the floating TriPod base tomorrow!

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