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Roof Disk Mold

Roof Disk Mold

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We are back at the factory for a quick update from Grant about the progress of the EcoPod roof. This will be a functional roof in a few different ways so we are really excited about it. The team has been making quick progress and it is starting to take shape.

The roof is going to be made in four sections, each being like a ¼ slice of a pizza. We are making the roof out of fiberglass so that it will be lightweight and very sturdy. You can see that in the middle of the roof, there is a cutout for a hole. This hole matches with the center spar that will be going up through the home to give it central support. This center hole will have a hatch that will provide access to the roof from the inside of the home.

One of the main functions of the roof is to collect rainwater. It will have a slight inward slope that will act as a funnel to capture and then use the rainwater within the home. When free water falls from the sky, why not take advantage, right? This will help supplement the water that is stored in the house for things like washing hands or flushing toilets.

Our team is really starting to move pretty quickly and they are working more efficiently every day. We hired most of our guys about two years ago and nearly none of them had any previous experience doing this kind of work. Through the training that we have given them over the years, they have become excellent employees and an even better team who can take advantage of the skills that they’ve learned to build something that will change the world.

We are very excited about the progress that they have been making and we hope to have the roof mounted on the EcoPod very shortly. These roof panels can be completed in a couple of days so it should generally be a quick process. We will bring another update to the blog when we get everything mounted on top of the SeaPod.

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