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SeaPod Living Room Window Mold Production

SeaPod Living Room Window Mold Production

The SeaPod will have an absolutely massive panoramic window in the living room that will provide stunning views of the outside world. These windows were a serious challenge to design and engineer due to their size and their curved shape, but as with every challenge we have faced, we found a way to make it happen.

The windows are too large and have too much of a curve to work with glass, so we have decided to use an ultra-clear resin that will allow us to shape the windows the way that we need while still providing the strength and clarity that glass has. In order to make resin windows, we need molds to pour that resin into. The video that you see below is a look at some of the molds for the living room window.

We have designed these molds to be exactly the size of the windows, down to the millimeter. Having such accurate molds should make the finishing and installation processes go very smoothly. These molds are currently being made and we should have more progress to report on in the next two to three weeks, hopefully, to announce that they are finished. We can finally start production of the SeaPod windows once we take delivery of these new molds and we will be one step closer to getting the first SeaPod prototype into the water.

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