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Second Half Kitchen Floor Installation

Second Half Kitchen Floor Installation

This is a quick video to show how we are going about installing the second half of the kitchen/patio floor in our SeaPod prototype.

We learned quite a bit after spending almost a full day installing the first half, so we attacked this one from a different direction. The first time involved a lot of manhandling and struggling between the crane and the telehandler, but the second went much more smoothly.

This floor panel is very large and it is made out of balsa wood and fiberglass, so it is pretty heavy as well. Moving it around is not the easiest thing in the world. For this try, we rigged it up with straps and rope so that we could insert it flat and not have to flip it over as we did on the first one.

This new method is safer, easier, and faster than the first so we will continue using this until we think up a way to improve it. We were considering cutting the floor into fourths instead of halves but we would have lost some of the structural integrity and we didn’t want to do that. Luckily, this new method does not require us to cut the floor into smaller sections so we can keep the full structural strength of the floor.

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