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Dock Flashing Production

Dock Flashing Production

The entrance of any home is often an undervalued area. But when you think about it, you use it everyday, and it’s the first thing your guests will see when visiting you. That’s why we are working on making the center dock pretty and safe.

We already made a lot of progress in this area when finishing the entrance itself, but we we still have had a fair bit to go because the edges of the the fiberglass reinforced plastic platform were way too sharp for the structure to be used safely, and obviously, to welcome the hundred of visitors who will soon board the SeaPods for a jump into the future of ocean living.

The same covers will be used around the Wazebo, for which we just finished the seating, so the overall project will be really slick-looking, we can assure you of that. We have 6 pieces right now, and with only a couple more to do, we should be ready to install them on the dock and meet our deadline.

It will also look way better and fit into the overall curved and slick-looking shape of the Pods. We are not in Minecraft here after all, so “edges, please go away!”.
This should be sorted very soon with these beautifully curved dock edges covers.

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