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Wazebo Sitting Area

Wazebo Sitting Area

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We are getting down to crunch time before our big online launch event and we still have lots to do! One thing that the crew has been working hard on is getting the Wazebo ready. We want to have the Wazebo installed and ready to go on our floating TriPod base for our launch so we are working against the clock!

What you can see in the video below is the plug for the mold that will be used to make the seating area. Making these fiberglass structures is a three-step process. First, we make the plug, the positive mold that is used to make the actual production mold. Then we make our production mold which is a negative mold based on the plug. Then we use that mold to actually lay the fiberglass and build the final product.

The Wazebo is going to be the ultimate hangout spot. You’ll be just a meter above the water and have seating for more than 25 people with plenty of open space to enjoy some yoga or meditation. There will be a table in the middle to enjoy a nice dinner and a bottle of wine while the sun sets or to drink your morning coffee while the sun rises over the horizon every morning.

There will be outward-facing seats as well where you can dangle your feet just over the surface of the water. These outward-facing seats also make a great place to get all of your diving gear on before simply dropping into the water. The roof will provide shade to keep everyone cool while they are enjoying the Wazebo. We won’t have the roof installed for our launch simply because we don’t have enough time to finish it, but it will be included on the production models.

Things are getting hectic here as we make the final push to get this prototype in the water. We have an incredible team that is working incredibly hard and we couldn’t be more appreciative of them. If you haven’t heard about our online launch event on August 22, be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get all the updates!

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