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Wazebo Dinner Chairs

Wazebo Dinner Chairs

Here we have a look at the mold for the dinner chairs that will be on the Wazebo. The Wazebo will have a large table in the middle with bench seating around the outside that is perfect for lounging. When you want to sit at the table to eat, we will have these movable chairs so that everyone can gather around the table.

As with all of the fiberglass aspects of the SeaPod, these chairs are made from a mold. That process starts with a design that is then turned into a plug. The plug is a positive mold that we use to make the final mold, it is the same size as the final product. We then create the mold production around that plug and when we remove the plug, we will be left with a negative mold that we can then use to produce the final pieces.

What you see here is the final mold being finished up. Once the mold is ready, we will do some final sanding and polishing and then it will be ready to use. We will apply a layer of releasing wax to help make removing the section a little bit easier. Then we begin applying the layers of fiberglass and resin. Once everything is cured, we will be able to remove the piece and begin the final sanding and polishing process, and then, we will have a completed chair!

It’s really coming down to the wire before the launch but everyone is working hard to reach the finish line. We have our best fiberglass guys working on these chairs to get them ready but that also means that they can’t be working on other projects at the moment. Luckily we have a fantastic crew that is able to adjust, spread out, and tackle several projects at once. Without them, we wouldn’t be here today so we truly can’t thank them enough for all of the hard work they’ve been doing as we get closer to our launch event!

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