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Main Door v2

Main Door v2

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Omer is back at the manufacturing facility to check out the progress on version 2 of the main door. So far, this updated version is looking great and should solve the issues that we had with the first iteration.

To start, the door is more rigid. The previous door had a lot of noise because the metal was a little bit too flexible and was rubbing with the window pane. The first thing we did was beef up the body of the door so that it would have the rigidity that it needs to be silent and also last for years to come.

With the added weight of the door, we had to rework the hinges so that they would be strong enough to support the door and have smooth movement when opening and closing the door. These thicker hinges are super strong and will give us the support that we need.

The handles are very sturdy and the receiver for the bolt from the automatic lock was made to be a little bit more heavy-duty as well. We also left a space for a 50mm gasket that will go around the edge of the door to help keep water out of the stairwell.

This new version is beefed up quite a bit over the previous version and will have the strength and durability to keep your home safe and secure for years. You may notice that the window is slightly smaller than previous versions but we hope to increase the window size in the future. For now, we went with a smaller window because it is easier to manufacture and we need to get the door ready to go into full production mode.

Things are looking great and we should have a fantastic “front” door on the SeaPod very soon!

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