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Installing the Wazebo

Installing the Wazebo

Grant got a pretty cool surprise today when he looked out of the window of his office and saw the Wazebo on its way to be installed on the floating TriPod base! The crew used the telehandler to pick up the main section of the Wazebo to take it to the water so that it can be installed.

Down at the water, the crew had to bring pull the SeaPod around so that the outer spar which will hold the Wazebo will be close enough for us to put it in place. The telehandler can only operate directly in front, it doesn’t have the ability to rotate like a crane so getting the TriPod in place is very important.

There is luckily a perfect spot where we can drive the telehandler out onto the dock that is normally used for the travel lift. It is just big enough for the telehandler to fit so that we could drive out to the end and lower the Wazebo into place. There isn’t much standing room or space to work so the guys had to make some adjustments while we lowered it into place and everything went very smoothly in the end.

Everything fit together perfectly so we only had to make some minor adjustments and do a little bit of finishing work. The Wazebo will have a roof on the production models but we ran out of time to get it done before the launch so we will display the seating area and tables for now and the roof will go on later. We know everyone will love relaxing and entertaining guests on the Wazebo and we can’t wait for everyone to experience it!

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