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Wazebo Mold Almost Ready

Wazebo Mold Almost Ready

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Grant has another factory update – the mold for the Wazebo seating area is almost ready to go! We built the plug and then used that to make this mold. Once this mold is ready, we can take it off of the plug and do the finishing work needed to get it finished.

We can start making the actual sections which will only be two pieces per SeaPod. These sections should be really fast to make so we will be right on schedule to get them installed after the TriPod base gets launched into the water.

We are absolutely down to crunch time now and everyone is working with full steam ahead. Our team is split up into different departments that each is working on its own piece of the puzzle. The great news is that all of our different departments are pretty much on schedule and working at around the same pace.

The TriPod base should be going into the water next week so it is now time to start tying up some of the loose ends as we move toward our global launch event. There is a ton of pressure to reach the finish line on time but everyone is putting all of their effort in to get the job done! We can’t wait to spend a little bit of time relaxing in the incredible Wazebo!

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