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Yoga Mats

Yoga Mats

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We don’t want the SeaPod to be just a home, we want it to be an experience. With so many health benefits of living on the water, we felt that having our own yoga mats available will make it easier and more comfortable to enjoy the ocean breeze while practicing yoga.

Whether it be on the deck, in the Wazebo, or in the spacious living room, there are plenty of places around the SeaPod that are perfect for a yoga session. A comfortable surface is important to have when you are wanting to enjoy yoga during the sunset or trying to find the motivation to get up early to enjoy the sunrise.

We are working on and having ten original designs created right now, each custom-designed with different mandalas, patterns, and of course the Ocean Builders logo. When we receive the final products, we will put the designs on the website so that we can have the community give their input on their favorite of the designs.

Of course, the main product of Ocean Builders is a home but our goal is not to be a real estate company. Our vision is to provide more than a place to live, we want to create a lifestyle that promotes eco-friendly and sustainable living that changes the way people live all around the world.

Even if you don’t practice yoga these mats can be great for meditation, star gazing, or even sunbathing. We hope to bring more products like these yoga mats or our Ocean Builders dry bags to you in the future.

Our goal is not to make a bunch of cheap merchandise to sell to the masses but instead to create eco-friendly and sustainable products that provide function or comfort within the SeaPod lifestyle.

Be sure to stay on the lookout for our final designs on the website so that you can give us your feedback!

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