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Big Moves

Big Moves

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We have some big moves happening here at the factory. The shell of the SeaPod prototype is assembled and reinforced and is now ready to be moved outside. We are moving it outside so that we can take the prototype of the EcoPod from our “front yard” to the inside of the factory where it will have the roof mounted.

Once the roof is mounted on the EcoPod body then we can start working on the interior finishing. That will take place over the next several weeks while we also work on a little bit of exterior finishing work. Things will be looking very good very soon and we hope that you are as excited about that as we are.

This is a pretty monumental moment for us as we now can look at this prototype SeaPod and see in real life all of the renderings that we have been looking at for years. It has finally taken shape and we can really start to picture what it will be like on the water or as the GreenPod configuration on land.

This also means that as the prototypes are nearing completion, we are getting closer to putting these homes into full production so that we can produce Pods on a regular basis and get you into our homes to enjoy your life on the water. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

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