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HUGE EcoPod Windows have arrived

HUGE EcoPod Windows have arrived

BIG NEWS!!! The first shipment of EcoPod windows and frames has arrived at the factory! This is a huge day for us as these windows have taken quite a lot of time and were a massive headache, but we have finally reached the light at the end of the tunnel.

The truck arrived at the factory and we had most of the team working to unload it. There were over 100 individual pieces on the truck that had to be unloaded. This delivery has enough windows and frames to build almost three complete EcoPods.

Now that we have all the window sections, we can get started on installing them in our EcoPod prototype. We are so excited about how huge these windows are! Living in a small home can feel cramped so we wanted to make sure that we had the biggest windows that we could fit in this home.

The sliding windows will open up and create an open-air area where you can enjoy the fresh breeze coming off of the ocean. Even the smallest windows in the EcoPod are bigger than the windows in an average home. We can’t wait for everyone to enjoy the stunning views that you will have in nearly every direction you look from inside the EcoPod.

We are going to work on getting these windows installed in the Prototype in the coming weeks so be sure to stay on the lookout for more updates! We will definitely record some of the process so that we can share this huge moment for Ocean Builders!

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