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Cutting Out The Front Door Entrance

Cutting Out The Front Door Entrance

The front door for our homes will be located below the home on the center spar of the floating TriPod base. You will enter through the door and then walk up a spiral staircase which will take you right into the living area of the home. This is a quick video showing the process of cutting the hole into the spar where we will make the door.

We have a template that we use to mark the exact cut that we need to make, this way every cut is the same on every TriPod base. We make the cut with an oxy-acetylene torch and then finish the edges with a grinder so that everything is smooth. We used our telehandler to hold the steel so that it would accidentally fall once it was cut free, and then we used it to safely lower it to the ground.

Inside the spar will be the spiral staircase. Before we build the staircase, we need to sandblast and apply the epoxy paint to the surface to protect it from corrosion. The center pole of the spiral staircase will be used as a conduit for cables and water lines that need to go to the outriggers and outer spars, then we will build the stairs around it.

The door will provide easy access to the home when walking from the spar which will have the boat dock so you can easily carry things like groceries into the house. This is a big step towards getting this TriPod base in the water and we are very excited about the progress that we are making. We should have it in the water in the next few weeks so be sure to stay tuned!

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