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Master Bedroom Electrical Line Drawings

Master Bedroom Electrical Line Drawings

Here we have a rough drawing that shows the design of the electrical lines within the master bedroom and master bathroom of the SeaPod. This is a basic diagram that shows how the room will be wired and what will be connected to what.

As you can see on the drawing, there is quite a bit going on here in terms of electrical wiring. Due to the nature of building a smart home, this is a challenge that we have to tackle and put careful consideration into during the design process. Luckily, the wiring will be contained within the walls, floors, and ceilings, so only the end devices will be visible.

Starting with the sensors and input devices, you can see that we have a multisensor that is capable of monitoring temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure. We have a movement sensor that could be used to automatically turn on the lights when you get out of bed without the need to find the switch in the dark. There are NFC readers that can be used to automatically open and close doors. As well as a controller for the shower to control water temperature and other shower settings.

We also have several kinds of output devices in the system. We have amplifiers and speakers to deliver the sound, and a projector, IR blaster, and a screen for entertainment. For power, we have several regular 110-volt house outlets, 12-volt and 5-volt outlets in both USB-A and USB-C, as well as wireless chargers.

We have several controllers on different lines for the LED lighting strips. These will help to separately control the lights in the floor and ceiling of both the bedroom and bathroom. We also have the touchscreen which will be used for the smart home user interface.

Most of these devices will be optional so that you can customize your home to fit your needs and wants. Since the SeaPod is a “living” home, it is important that each person is able to adjust the capabilities of the smart home system to fit their personal lifestyle.

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