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Lifting the Skylight

Lifting the Skylight

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It took a little longer than expected to receive the finished skylight so we weren’t able to get it installed while the SeaPod was within reach of our telehandler. When we can’t get the job done with the telehandler, we have to substitute for some good old-fashioned manpower.

This skylight weighs about 90kg or about 200lbs so it isn’t the lightest thing but it is manageable with a little bit of teamwork. We split the crew in two with half on the ground and the other half on the roof. We wrapped the skylight so that it would be protected and also so that it wouldn’t damage the SeaPod.

The guys used a system with two pulleys so that they could split the load while lifting the skylight to the roof of the SeaPod. Once it was high enough, a few guys went inside the SeaPod to provide some help through the window. A few more heaves put the skylight on the roof where the crew could install it and have it ready to go.

This skylight is also the roof hatch which will be the roof access from inside the home. The spiral staircase that takes you from the center dock to the main living area continues to this roof hatch. The hatch has a motor that automatically opens and closes the hatch from the home automation app. Having the hatch open with the help of motors will make it much easier to open since you won’t have to lift the weight by hand. There is a potential that we could incorporate Gesture AI controls in the future, but for now, it will be controlled through the app.

A similar skylight will be used on the SeaPod flagship model but it will be accessed by the climbing wall in the shower instead of the staircase. The skylight can be opened for ventilation as well as roof access on both models and if you opt for a hatch with a window, you might even spot a few stars right through the roof of your home!

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