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Main Door Installation

Main Door Installation

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The SeaPod is a very futuristic-looking house, and it’s of course full of amazing technology, but there is still something old fashioned still required: a door.

Well, our door is not exactly that old-fashion because of a few things. First, it’s custom-made and curved to fit the center dock entrance that we recently finished.

Second, aside from the regular key hole, you can enter the Pod through your Smart Ring, smartphone app, or even fingerprint recognition acting as a second-factor authentication. So yes, not that much old fashion.
We’re particularly in love with using the Smart Ring option because it’s a really cool way to open a door, and the NFC technology is very fun to play with.

But of course, we encountered a bit of an issue with the front door installation. This is not our first problem on the “front door” topic. Additionally we had an original design that we ended up changing. Specifically, there was a very annoying squeaking sound. Because we design everything in-house, there are often issues arising. This is the true cost of innovation!

Today’s problem with the main door V2 is a small gap between the entrance frame and the door itself, so we’re keeping it tight with straps right now. Obviously, it will be solved very soon.

There’s still a protective cover on the transparent window for now because we don’t want to risk workers going around scratching it in the construction process, but you see how much progress we are making right? We’re one step closer to having a fully finished pod.

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