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Rudy Talking about protecting the weld line

Rudy Talking about protecting the weld line

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It was a big moment for the Ocean Builders’ team when we pulled out the Pod’ spar structure from the water. How did the steel structure withstood one year in sea water?

From being anxious about the outcome, we became very happy about how the outcome as the “organic concrete” (as we call the calcium carbonate deposit) did a really good job in protecting the structure from corrosion.

After scraping the plant, we scrapped some of this calcium carbonate around the welding line for inspection. We already did some similar visual inspection before but there was an important difference: the tubes were not submerged at the time. As preliminary results indicated, there is no damage to the connection between the curved steel sheets. It’s obviously a huge relief because it means that the electrical anodes are doing their job, that the current distribution within the entire TriPod’s base is excellent.

Credit when it’s due, thank again to the welding team who pulled off an amazing job in transforming flat sheets of metals into perfectly sealed and corrosion-free SeaPod structure.

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