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Skylight Window Shipping

Skylight Window Shipping

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It soon will be time for showers with a star’s view! We’ve done quite some work on the skylight window and it’s ready for shipping.

When we designed the Pods, we didn’t know whether we would build a roof access or not. But very soon it appeared that YES, we really needed that. For many reasons actually:
receiving drone deliveries, roof maintenance, sunbathing, jumping platform, or whatever activity owners would enjoy doing.
As a result, it became a central focus of the sunroof’s design.

The Skylight window will have a triple function: provide roof access then, but also be a natural lighting source in the shower, on top of which it will be located. And when we talk about showers, we also talk about steam. Therefore, this opening will assist in providing additional ventilation.

As you can see, it is a large piece so it will be fairly heavy. But with the Skylight controller, it will open and close without any effort.

Fair travels Skylight window, see you soon here at Ocean Builders!

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