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EcoPod Rib Structure

EcoPod Rib Structure

The EcoPod roof has multiple uses and features. The most obvious is that it is a roof, it protects the people inside from the sun and rain, just like any normal roof. This roof will also have a slight cone-shape that will act as a funnel to collect rainwater to be used within the home.

Those are some things that every EcoPod roof will be capable of, but we wanted to give the option to have a little bit more utility. These ribs that you can see us adding in the video below will provide a huge amount of strength to the roof. This is useful for a few different reasons.

The center of the roof has a hatch that provides roof access from the inside of the home. While we aren’t recommending that you take a group of people onto the roof, we wanted to make it strong enough that should the need arise, it will be strong enough to hold the weight.

Another thing that we had in mind was making this roof strong enough to hold the weight of up to a 2,600kg helicopter. If it can support a small helicopter then that could make it easier for certain VIP visitors to fly to their pod.

We could also support the landing of drones that are big enough to carry a person. Beyond simply using them for regular transportation, it could make it easier to evacuate someone who is having a medical emergency so that they can get help sooner.

This idea is still young and it will surely evolve over time as we learn what the needs of our customers are, but the base is there and it is sturdy.

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