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Solar Installation Progress

Solar Installation Progress

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Now that we have installed the solar station platform on the outer spar, we are moving on to building the frame that will hold the solar panels. Everything is mounted on the outer spar so it will be out of the way and have full sunlight for most of the day.

Solar power is a great way to generate electricity when you are living off the grid. These panels will take the sunlight that beats down on the beautiful waters here in Panama and turn it into energy that can then be stored in the batteries and used to power the home. The home automation app will have an energy level readout that will tell you approximately how long you can power the home with the remaining energy at the current consumption rate, sort of like the gas gauge in your car.

We will have other backups like an emergency generator but we expect that these solar panels will be able to generate most of the electricity needed to power the home. Of course, it can take a bit of adjusting when moving from a grid-powered home to an off-grid home, especially at sea. Small lifestyle changes can make a huge difference and we have put tons of thought and consideration into building this home to be as efficient as possible.

Disconnecting from fossil fuel power grids and generating clean energy is a massive step towards making these homes eco-friendly and eco-restorative. We always have the environment in mind so it is important for us to make every effort possible to make sure that our homes have a positive impact on the environment where they will be located.

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