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Spar Winder Mechanism Production

Spar Winder Mechanism Production

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In today’s factory update, we have a lot to show you. The subfloor of the SeaPod Eco model number 2 is almost done, and the spar winder mechanism is also progressing very well!

On the subfloor topic, we have worked very hard to complete the second half and we have already assembled together the 26 sections it is made of.
It’s only missing one piece that is still in its mold, but that our team is going to have ready in no time. Then all we will have to do is to slide it in, bold it, and the subfloor will be complete.

It has been a fast, yet great work from everyone here so that we have the support for the floor that will come soon after. Meanwhile, we are sealing the connections between each section.
Once the floor is ready, we will lift it up and gently drop it into the pre-cut slot of the subfloor and associated beams.

We are also working on the production of a spar winder mechanism that is going to be of great help to make them faster. Remember, we have a high demand for the Pods, so we need to build up the capacity to satisfy those who trusted us with their pre-orders. Thus, making two a week instead of taking months will greatly help to meet that goal.
This new system is going to wrap the steel tubes in fiberglass very quickly for very strong spars. No need to say that we are eager to show you how it works!

As you can see, we are never short of great ideas to optimize our production at all levels, and fulfill your dream of SeaPod ownership as fast as possible.

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