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Patio Railing and Views

Patio Railing and Views

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Having a great view is what every homeowner is dreaming of, and there definitely won’t be any shortage of this when living on the SeaPod!

Enough of imaging why we are doing this, let us show you what will be your backyard view! Obviously, the Pod’s localization will be of tremendous importance, but we are astonished by the wonderful view we already have once we open the patio doors!

Now that the railing is up, we can already be hanging out safely outside, and enjoy the fresh and healing breeze coming from the ocean. And this view! This is definitely why we are doing this: to provide you with the best of the best, view included.

But that’s not the only awesome feature of this patio. Indeed, the two hooks we added on its ceiling will be perfect to install either a couple of hanging chairs or a hammock for you to enjoy a refreshing nap while listening to the ocean, or reading a book with a look at the view between each chapter. Do you already have a list of books you would dream to enjoy on the Pods? We definitely do, and a lot of them involve topics such as adventure, exploration or well-being. We will also read all the blog posts we’ve posted over the last year and feel a bit more of the well-deserved sense of accomplishment we tasted when we recently celebrated the SeaPod launch.

We still have lots of work to do, so our own plans to sit there and watch a sunset with a cocktail will have to wait, but we’re not that far off the finishing line so we’re hanging there!

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