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SeaPod Base Construction Update

SeaPod Base Construction Update

This is an update on the construction of our second SeaPod core and base which is continuing to take shape. In the previous post about these cores, we talked about how we cut the holes in the steel where the three outriggers for the side-spars will be attached.

You can see in the video that the first outrigger section is being held in position by the crane to allow our workers to ensure that all of the dimensions are correct and so that they can make any needed adjustments before welding them together.

They are currently welding this first outrigger section to the core. There will be two more outrigger sections that will be welded to the same core, and when the welding is finished, we will have our first TriPod model center-spar core completed.

The rust on the steel that you can see here is perfectly normal. After the welding is completed, these pieces will go through our sandblasting process before it is sealed with a protective epoxy paint. This will ensure that the steel is properly protected from rust in corrosion which is very important when dealing with saltwater.

We are also prepping another core piece which will be an exact duplicate of this current base that we are building. Once these two cores are done, we will have three completed SeaPod bases and we will continue to build more. We are constantly learning during the construction process so the more that we build, the faster that we will get as we learn the ins and outs of this process.

We are working hard and moving closer and closer to actual SeaPod construction so be sure to follow along in our blog for more exciting updates coming very soon!

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