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Woodworking Production

Woodworking Production

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Welcome to our woodworking department, where our talented team is doing an excellent job in putting together cabinetry.

“Measure twice, cut once” is definitely our motto here because we have no time to spare in redoing something that could have been done well the first time.

The team is working on bedroom cabinets and walk-in closet, and doing so in a very professional and organised manner. One team does the cutting, another the finishing, and another the assembly. There is a taks for everyone!
We are also working on a very nice curved piece specifically designed for the living room entertainment station. We can’t wait to show you this to be honest, but it’s custom-made so it will need a little bit of time before we’re able to do that.

It’s a very time-consuming process because we need to glue, cut, and adjust everything before casting every piece of wood into a presentable casing. We love wood, but we have to make everything look standard with the rest of the Pod. In one word, white!

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