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Kitchen Renders coming to life

Kitchen Renders coming to life

Do you know what the most important part of a home is? Yes, the bedroom is of significant importance, you’re right. But we are referring to the kitchen. This is where any home comes to life, and speaking about “coming to life”, Grant had the great feeling of seeing 3D rendering becoming a reality!

After the dangerous and hard work of loading the appliances inside the Pod, we installed everything and came out to a very satisfying realization: everything looks exactly how we originally designed it. It’s always a proud moment to see something you created to be and built step by step to be physically in front of you, but the matching between what we computerized and what we installed is surprisingly very close.

Once the cover panels are installed, it will be like everything disappears into the wall. We are not so much into old-styled kitchens where you can see the fridge and everything. We love, however, the modern look of everything being hidden and revealed by a simple gentle touch.

The sink is installed but the faucet parts are still missing for the time being. Once again, it won’t be the typical knobs and all that you are familiar with. And you know us very well now, so you can easily imagine that we went technological even with the sink! Just tap the stainless steel faucet and the water will turn on.

The kitchen isn’t finished yet. We are still working on getting this area to full readiness, but how do you like it so far? Ready to prepare the fish you would have caught from sitting on your wazebo, while looking at the most amazing view through the window?

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