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Making the Cabinets

Making the Cabinets

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While Ocean Builders is advocating for minimalism as a way to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle, we all need storage! Thus, we are designing and building all the Pods cabinetry in-house to ensure the best fit.
The tiny house movement is very popular around the world as a way to reduce our possessions, and our Pods follow this Eco-Living philosophy. On top of this, the futuristic design of our floating heavens would be spoiled with heavy-looking furniture everywhere, so custom design and perfect integration is key.

This mindset led to the decision to use kitchen sink controllers instead of the traditional knobs or handles that you will find in most homes Yet, practicality is key to provide the best sea-living experience, so storage is a must. Quality woodworking is of course our motto and we are very satisfied with how things are progressing and looking.

The amount of work our team is doing at the moment is tremendous. We have a team of 5 people working around the clock, working really fast to make sure that all the cabinets are ready by the end of the week. We are focusing on getting the bedroom cabinets ready right now, but there is less quantity than for the kitchen and living room cabinetry, so it should be way faster to complete. Our team works fast but well, so the quality matches the high standards that all Ocean Builder’s team has committed to.

As with everything innovative, custom made cabinets will only show their true beauty and, obviously, functionality, once installed and paired with everything else. Indeed, the CAD drawings are a fantastic designing tool, but nothing replaces real life building and fitting. This is particularly true in our case because of the Pods curved walls Thus, chances are that, same as with the kitchen floor itself, we will implement a few changes once everything is in the water. But we are serious about keeping our deadline, so if changes we will make, in the future it will be!

We cannot wait to show you how all the loose cabinets you can see in our workshop will look once we are done with everything.

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