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Wazebo Days from Completion

Wazebo Days from Completion

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Every time we put together something that we designed and built piece by piece, we feel very happy. Today’s feeling is associated with the Wazebo, which is near completion.

The platform that is to be installed on one of the spars is being assembled with the seats and table that will become one of the Pod’s most favourite hangout spots. For breakfast, lunch, dinner, or anytime in between actually, there will be lots of space for your and your guests. In the inner parts of the seating, but on its outer section as well. Indeed, it will be possible to have your feet dangling in the water when seating on the outside part of the benches that we just took out of their moulds.

After taking care of the Wazebo floor itself a few days ago, we keep playing with our giant Lego and position the benches where they are supposed to be affixed.
We are also installing the floor skirting so that the edges aren’t sharp, and also to make the whole thing look stunning.

There will be a huge table in the middle of it, but the workshop is still busy right now so that should be produced in a couple of days at the latest. It is a bit hard to keep track of everything that’s going on here and there but we are still on schedule, and everyone is working hard on the Wazebo project so that we can call it a day and, soon, enjoy a refreshing sunset cocktail on our beautiful Wazebo.

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