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Installing LED lightstrips, Speakers, and more

Installing LED lightstrips, Speakers, and more

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Every home needs to have the proper lighting. When the sun comes down, the natural light generously provided by the many windows will need an alternative source, and that will be a network of LED light strips.

Lighting is of critical importance in every home. We tend to forget it until the fuse goes off and our world is turned upside down. On the practical side, it helps us to carry on with activities once natural light provided by the Pod’s large windows is low or gone, but there is more to it. Proper house lighting helps us to feel comfortable, to have a sense of security.

Lighting also works on the mind, transforming regular spaces into warm and brilliant climates. Inadequate lighting will cause relatives and companions to stay away from certain areas, while likewise causing a space to feel squeezed.

That’s why Ocean Builders engineers spent so much time selecting the most adequate lighting solution for the Pods. And it was quite a challenge.
To go with LED rather than traditional light bulbs wasn’t one of them as it appeared quite rapidly to be the only way to go in 2022. It’s better looking and feels better as well.

However, the first thing to consider was an element we are quite familiar with since we are building SeaPods: corrosion. We needed to find a way to prevent this, and IP-67 certified LED Lighting strips were the way to go.
Then, we tested many LED solutions, but in between those that didn”t have the right colour, or those that didn’t provide the same intensity all the way through the LED stip, it took some time to find the perfect choice. But we certainly did!

All this process led to this day, where we are finally installing the LED into the ceiling. Once installed, you will be able to adjust the lighting and its colour to follow your needs and mood.

We are also preparing everything for installing the ceiling speakers into the previously cut holes for you to enjoy the best of the Pods’ multiroom audio system.

Everything is progressing well, and you can guess that we will give you a tour of the Pod at night once all the LED are installed.

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